October 26, 2017–October 27, 2017

Pathways Out of Neoliberalism: Dystopia and Utopia in Contemporary Latin American Documentary

Organized by Jeffrey Gould and Daniel James

Throughout Latin America, the authoritarian counterrevolutionary violence of the 1980s tore asunder the link between self and community, and between individual dignity and social solidarity, creating the conditions for the triumph of neoliberalism. This seminar will grapple with the multiple ways in which documentary film has captured, resisted, and engaged with the break-up of communal solidarities and the creation of the ideal of an autonomous, entrepreneurial individual in neoliberal dominated societies across the globe. Hosted by Jeffrey Gould and Daniel James (IU Dept of History), and panel moderators Joshua Malitsky (Cinema and Media Studies) and Anke Birkenmaier (Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies).

Jyotsna Kapur is a Professor of Cinema and Media Studies at Southern Illinois University in the Department of Cinema and Photography. Her research and teaching interests include: Marxist-feminist theory of media arts and culture; the politics of labor, class, race, and sexuality in neoliberalism; contemporary Indian media culture; history and theory of the documentary idea especially its redefinitions in contemporary practices and digital culture; Third Cinema; and global children’s media culture.

This lecture by Dean Luis Reyes, of the Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV–Cuba, is from the “Pathways Out of Neoliberalism: Dystopia and Utopia in Contemporary Latin American Documentary,” a part of the IU Sawyer Seminar on Documentary and Historical Transformations.