Spring 2021 Undergraduate Winner: B. Wells Douglas–Daisy

CDRP/CIPS Documentary Photography Award

Daisy follows the life of Daisy May as she makes the transition from a full-time college student to running her own small business. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Daisy began building up her brand, Rebloomed Designs, so that it could sustain her once she graduated. Since December and graduating college, Daisy has dedicated the majority of her time to designing, making, and marketing the clothes for her business.

Daisy is responsible for every aspect of the brand. While it is what she loves doing, it can be difficult and uncertain at times. Her livelihood is based on if she can make a design that people will buy. She makes all of her work from second-hand materials, which adds more difficulties in terms of sourcing materials and working with fragile, vintage fabrics.

While most of her day is spent working on her business, she also finds time to decompress and reset herself for the next day of work. Moving forward with this project, I want to capture the dedication she has to her brand as well as the struggles she goes through to make it happen. Since Daisy is my partner, I am around her constantly. I see and experience the highs and lows of her entrepreneurship. She has been a huge inspiration for me, and I aim to capture her hardworking spirit and deep sensitivity as she progresses and explores this new chapter of her life.